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Mstar Tool Operating Guide

(1). H/W Connection

(2). Software Install

(a). Copy “FTCJTAG.dll” to the PC system path “c:\windows\system32”.

(b). Directly double click “ISP_Tool.exe” file to run..

(3). Software Setting

Press Config button and see the default setting should be like as beow.

(4). Programming Steps

Step1. Press Connect button to connect the monitor.

If connected OK, it will show the detected Device Type information.

Step2. Press Read button to read the bin file that you want to program.

( for example, ET2400L_TPS_AAECH.BIN )

Step3. Press Auto button for switching to the programming page

and Run button to start the programming procedure.

Step 4. F/W programming is done and verify OK.

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