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 MiniPro Software 6.71 MiniPro Software 6.71

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Софтуер MiniPro v6.71 за програматор TL866A / TL866CS

Version: V6.71 Support:14299 --2018.04.17

PM25LQ512 /010/020/040/080/016/032 GD25B32 /GD25B64
Fix: S24S45 DS1220(RW)Algorithm.

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Size 6.73 MB
Version 6.71
Downloads 19
Created 26.04.2018, 20:12
Created by ciklon
Changed by ciklon
Language Multilanguage
System Windows
Website Website external
Filename minipro_setup671.rar
MD5 Checksum 7bf1d68cbfc6582c8cbe07ba50bf62ca

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