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SMD-codes Databook - 2011 SMD-codes Databook - 2011

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Active SMD semiconductor components
marking codes

• 170.300 SMD-codes for active semiconductor components:
• Diodes, Transistors, Thyristors, Integrated Circuits
• Conventional case drawings
• Pinouts
• Marking style
• Schematic diagram
• Manufacturers
• Additional SMD info


At earlier eighties began a trend to replace a traditional through - hole technique with the surface mounted
technology (SMT) using surface mounted devices (SMD). The SMT, although intended in principle for automatic
manufacturing only expand more and more, even into a hobby world. This trend will continue, because many new
components are available in SMD versions only. The SMT technique opens advantages and new applications through
miniaturising of the components and increasing of reliability. The industry standard unfortunately allows that most of
the SMD components does not have a clear description. Since a tiny size of the components, they are labelled with
one, two or more character or graphic SMD code. Thus it is necessary to take into account that the colour and (or)
placing of alphanumeric or graphic symbols are also important. Therefore a sure identification of the components is
impossible without appropriate technical documentation. Moreover the polarity and pin - outs of different components
could be not identified without data sheets.
Identifying the manufacturers type number of an SMD device from the package code can be a difficult task.
Unfortunately, each device code is not necessarily unique.
It is possible for various manufacturers to place different devices in the same case with the same SMD-code.
For example, with a 6H SMD-code in a SOT-23 case might be either a npn-transistor BC818 (CDIL) or a capacitance-
diode FMMV2104 (Zetex) or a n-channel JFET transistor MMBF5486 (Motorola) or a pnp-digital transistor MUN2131
(Motorola) or a pnp-digital transistor UN2117 (Panasonic) or a CMOS-integrated circuit- voltage detector with reset
output R3131N36EA (Ricoh). Even the same manufacturer may use the same code for different devices.
To identify a particular SMD device, is necessary to identify the manufacturer, package type and note the SMD
code printed on the device.
The identification of the manufacturer is possible only if on the case are printed the manufacturer’s logos, but it
not always happens. Besides, sometimes it is possible to determine the manufacturer with indirect tags. Many recent
ON Semiconductor devices have a small superscript letter after the device code, such as SAC (this smaller letter is
merely a month of manufacture code). Siemens and Infineon devices usually have a lower case 's' (ATs, LOs).
Philips devices usually have a lower case 'p' (AHp, Z1p, pB0) or '-' (D-Q, Z-S) for the devices made in Hong Kong
and 't' (ZtS, tT9, Y7t) for the devices made in Malaysia. In section 17 are submitted the logos of the SMD devices
The package type is another problem for the identification of SMD devices. The different manufacturers can
designate identical cases according to the various standards (or according to the internal firm system). Besides, the
various cases can have an identical kind (form) and differ only by sizes, but this distinction of sizes so it is not
enough, that can be is measured only by special measuring devices.
Compliance with the name and type of cases from different manufacturers is solved by applying in the column
“Cases” an equivalent type name for equivalent cases.
In addition to SMD-code on cases may be put padding alpha-numeric information (usually by another font or size
of characters, also may be by other arrangement). Relationship position of the SMD-code and padding information
have defined as style and show in the column “Style”
In the following tables sections the SMD semiconductor components - irrelevant as to whether it is dealing with
transistors, diodes, integrated circuits etc. are placed in separate tables according to numbers of terminals and (or)
type of cases and are listed in alpha-numeric order by SMD-codes.


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